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"Shedding skin. Seen enough and ready for the world with new hard-earned wisdom. A shrug and a sigh of an introduction. An emergence from a cocoon bearing a gift of spring to a party postponed for a year. All that and just a touch of Roaring Twenties flapper headgear makes this my pick for the Celebration of Spring Award."

Large Sculpture: Leavening

Matt Sheridan - Judge - RAA 63rd Spring Exhibition

"I really liked the whimsical feeling of this piece. It feels like a character in a movie to me. Just fun. ­" 

Large Sculpture: Hathor: Queen of the Underworld

Scott Prior - Judge - RAA Halloween Exhibition

"The cosmic style is wild and visionary ... So much of this work combines a bold statement with a delicate embrace"

R. Parducci / Visitor/ Solo Exhibition RAA, 2018

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