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Artist's Statement

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I am a figurative sculptor creating work, using the female form, to represent a woman’s experiences in a society. I work primarily in terracotta clay, but utilize steel, bronze, wood and found objects to strengthen my narrative. The textures and colors of my materials feed into my tactile, down-to-earth way in the world and reflect the colors of the cycles of nature.


Constructing my work engages two separate processes; the building of the initial form and the creation of the narrative. I use reference images and models to engineer and build the small to three quarter life sized base ceramic female form. The wildly creative, wonderfully non-analytic process occurs when objects, materials and additional components are constructed and found, and then added to the overall sculpture until my intuition finds resonance with the narrative.


As a magic realist, with a focus on the feminine form, I strive to construct and create art that contributes to the dialogue concerning women’s current and historical situation. As a spiritualist, I aspire to depict woman’s connection with the cycle of life, and the female spirit of perseverance and receptiveness, while challenging societal views of the female body often presented as a dehumanized, objectified vessel. Centuries of supression has driven the feminine to fight for equal position and consideration in society, inspiring me to depict this fight, our objectification, and our transcendence. 


Much has been done by our ancestors to correct this discrimination. As a woman in her early 60’s, I use my art as a contributing voice in the fight for equality, creating and shining light on the divine feminine nature. This is my small contribution.


There is still so much left to do.

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